Boost gauge hook up duramax, banks power boost gauge kit

If the pod requires mounting, mount the pod with a screwdriver using the screws that came with the pod. Your boost gauge should come with the fittings needed to install a boost line to the valve. My wife has a Chevy Traverse that is supposed to get mpg and I am beating it all to heck. Yes, even better than I expected.

Several functions may not work. No doubt allot of the increased mileage was from the Dura-mileage programming and having a tail wind. Locate the vacuum line that runs off the turbo and cut it at a convenient point. That's all I need is more controls and gauges to set and I wouldn't know where to set them anyway.

Boost Gauge Installation on Dodge Cummins

  • Mount the gauge pod onto the dashboard of your Powerstroke-equipped vehicle, using the screws provided and a screwdriver.
  • Same driving habit and same destinations.
  • Run the power supply wire and the boost tube down the A-pillar.
  • Run the tubing and wire down the driver's side A-pillar.
  • This video illustrates a typical installation More.

Use a screwdriver to separate the headliner at the cabin's edge near the driver's side A-Pillar. Rotate the tapping tool into the hole while pressing it with your hand. Thread the connector into the hole in the intake manifold. The regulator actually robs some of the pressure in order to open - as shown above cracking pressure.

How to Install a Boost Gauge on Vehicles

Move the console in a position that you can use a screwdriver to help work the clasps apart. There is a place for the hole in an indentation in the firewall's sheet metal made at the factory. The console has a removable panel that is used for the installation of extra gauges like the boost gauge. These clips are all friction fasteners and can be separated by pulling and prying apart. Its like getting half a tank of fuel for free.


Duramax Powerstroke Cummins Diesel - How to Improve Fuel Mileage

Installing the gauge is a relatively simple matter Vehicles anyone familiar with cars, and a great starting point Vehicles those just getting into or dabbling in car modification. Thread the connector onto the fitting on the gauge and tighten the nut with a wrench. The plug under your dash that Doug refers to will feed that same information to your gauge. Before pulling the console away from the roof of the cab, check to see that you have unhooked the factory connections that are there.

Craig - Florida Dear Steve I'd first like to say thank you for being so honest and available when I needed some install help. When the light is lit, how do you know he the fuse is in use. The pyrometer is in the exhaust manifold and running stock I could get degrees on a hard acceleration empty. Steve you truly are what you say you can do. Tighten the connector with a wrench.

Installing a Boost Gauge on a GM Duramax
  1. On normal runs small hills easily made to degrees where now to degrees is normal.
  2. The hole is located on the driver's side of the engine, under the steering wheel.
  3. We then hit on the idea that I could stop by your shop and you would fix the EzTuner while I waited.
  4. My Truck is completely stock other than an Amsoil Ea air filter and the Duramileage tune, thats it.
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Boost Gauge Installation on Dodge Cummins

Digital Gauges

The boost tube will need to be run through the firewall and into the engine compartment. Pull the boost tubing into the engine compartment so there is no extra tubing left behind, and replace the A-pillar cover. Feed the wiring and boost tube in between the metal roof and the roof header inside the truck.

Place the gauge mounting bracket onto the back side of the gauge to hold it in position in the pod. Well Steve, it works as good as you said. Steve really came through for me. Well here are the results. It has been well worth it.

The fact that they specialized in Duramax was key. My buddy and his dad have a duramax and they are putting duramilage on. Happy Trails, hospital Doug I saw this in his truck and it looks very very nice. Read the tests and view the pictures below. This is a good place to drill a new hole for the tubing to go.

Duramax boost gauge

Chevrolet & GMC Duramax

Anyone Installed A Boost Gauge On A Chevy Duramax

Connect the snap fasteners of the center console starting from the back to the front, and the console installation will be completed. Open the hood and driver's side door to allow entry into the spaces that will house the new boost gauge and carry the lines to the engine that the gauge uses to operate. Repeat the process for the boost tubing. If I hadn't seen it first hand I would have not believed it.

Your product is actually as good and sometimes better than advertised. Doesn't sound like much but that was a lot of playing. Looks pretty sharp in Das Brick, if I do say so myself. Hauling ten to twelve ton of hay. The scangaugealso does allot more as well.

XDP Air Intake Heater Delete Plug L Powerstroke / Duramax LB7

The power supply wire will end at the fuse panel at the base of the driver's A-pillar. Best of all, the installation is a breeze. There are some steep hills on the way, I never felt my rig down shift or accelerate once.

PPE 516010000 Turbo Boost Pressure Gauge

Banks Power Boost Gauge Kit

Diesel engines equipped with a turbo charger are asked to perform better than their unequipped brethren. Strictly speaking you don't need a special gauge. Attach the fitting to the connector on the back side of the gauge. Replace the fuse panel cover. Two times so far my check engine light has lit up, I've pulled over and checked it and cleared it with no problems.

Stay Updated Join our mailing list today and be the first to hear all about the latest news, promotions and offers from DieselSite! Having this kind of power and fuel mileage makes it pleasure to drive my truck. Insert the two ends of the line into the ends of the T-tube. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, grindr hookup tumblr in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

PPE Turbo Boost Pressure Gauge

Chevrolet & GMC Duramax

Boy, were they ever wrong! You can do a lot more than monitor boost with the scanGauge, so it would be a good investment. Protect the tube that sits in this newly drilled hole with some extra rubber hose around the boost tube that the hole will accommodate. In order to safely start to extract more power, it's a good idea to make sure you've got the critical systems monitored properly. Well to my disbelief it did.


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