Dating a skillet, how to identify antique cast iron skillets

They may be marked with the size in diameter, e. Other Wapak logos include the name written in block letters and forming a slight arch and another in block letters in a straight line. Griswold drastically reduced the size of the logo and skillets came without a heat ring. However, the sizes were more limited.

An original cast iron manufacturer, Wagner had been in the cookware business since and was located in Sidney, free dating Ohio. It also resulted in cookware that was lighter weight than the machine-produced cookware of today. Or through expansion the foundries would get more moulds to increase production or to make another piece of cookware. Can you tell me anything about this?

Identify, date your skillet using logos. Would the same date range be valid? If there was a problem with one of the molds, Okay which mold was it? Needless to say, the skillet has to be in great condition for this price.

Dating a skillet
Dating a skillet
  • What does the f stand for?
  • The pour spouts on these skillets are smaller than seen on other skillets.
  • We share with you some benefits of cooking with cast iron.
  • However, these pieces seem to sell at a similar price to a smooth bottom Griswold with a block logo.

How to Identify Antique Cast Iron Skillets

Wapak is another Ohio-based cast iron producer that flourished in the early s. They are also heavier in weight. It is not uncommon for an Erie skillet to have pitting.

However, from your description, this type of griddle was made around could present fair value at this price. But apparently, how to Griswold also used the loop handle on a couple of their skillets as well. However slant logos on skillets without a heat ring is not as common as skillets with a heat ring.

The guide at castironcollector. Sold even today in the finer cookware shops, Lodge can be called the only remaining manufacturer of original cast iron cookware. Is this an unusual variation? The E most likely denotes the cast at the foundry that was used. However if the skillet was used on coal or wood ranges it may have pitting on the base.

Wagner cast iron Wagner Ware history, dates and logos. Looking at the different Wapak logos inscribed on the bottom of their skillets is like reading a code manual for the Central Intelligence Agency! Please join us as we recreate some old-time traditional recipes. Can you help me date it or anything?

Look out for sizes between if you want to collect a full set. Ghost marks are always interesting. Simply marked in the beginning.

Long life skillet however were made by Wagner Manufacturing. Also looking at sold listings on eBay should give you an idea on the value of your skillet. The wagner and ware are fancy script and the Sidney is straight type. It is very lightweight And is obviously very old.

The Making of an Antique

Dating a skillet
Dating Wagner Cast Iron - Wagner Cast Iron Skillet

15 thoughts on Dating Wagner Cast Iron

Griswold cast iron skillet. Identify date your skillet using logos

It can also be a huge learning curve. They would have an identifier for what cast was used so they could tell when it was getting worn out or required attention. Sears contracted with Griswold Manufacturing Company to made cast iron cookware for their department stores. What are the benefits of ceramic cookware? Originally a manufacturer of hardware, download lagu dating queen the company moved into the cookware business in the s.

The logo and writing is in the center near the top, or opposite the handle. After that I seasoned it using the method outlined here. Look for rectangular hole in the handle. The Silk Road most likely brought iron to what are now the European countries, but it took many hundreds of years before weapons and armaments were forged from iron and turned into cookware. In this way, we can assume within a range when a piece of cookware was actually made.

While makers marks have undergone continual change, each mark fits onto a timeline for dating. Erie skillets are also super smooth. Puritan Cast iron skillet made by Griswold Manufacturing Company. One or more notches tell you that the skillet is vintage Lodge and was probably produced in the s. Griswold made Iron Mountain cast iron between ss.

There are conflicting dates so I used the wider conservative timeline. You have entered an incorrect email address! One notable difference is that the ridge on the underside of the handle flattens out before it meets the side wall of the skillet.

  1. Pattern letters were used to identify a mold used in production.
  2. Have a wonderful Christmas.
  3. They are in possession of a skillet made before by Blacklock, the foundry that formed the base of what is now Lodge in the cast iron business.
  4. Many images result from the search.

It sounds like you have a loop finger handle. However these pans are still great cookers. Smooth bottom pans are like what we use today. Since the other notations are months.

The block logo is very similar the the slant logo however Griswold is no longer in italics. We have a free eBook to help you find the date of your Wagner. If you run across a pan with an underlined number imprinted sideways on the bottom center of the pan, you likely have a pan that was manufactured by Vollrath pan in thes and s. There, if you are lucky, you will find identifying information about your pan. With the name and logo emblazoned on the bottom of the skillet, its origin can be traced and even dated.

Griswold cast iron markings include

You can expect to pick up a skillet with the Griswold small block logo at lower price than more collectable skillets. Some Griswold cast iron skillets are rarer than others. Just take your time if you want to buy one of these beauties. Other than having it confirmed it is real and factory Griswold made by others and from what I can see face to face I really cant find any other info on it?

How much is my Griswold Skillet worth? It is not an easy answer and there are a few factors to consider. The waffle iron from is beyond what I had Imagined. It transitions from previously used Erie logos to Griswold logos. Griswold made another lower-priced range of cast iron known as Iron Mountain.

Producing Original Cast Iron Skillets

Look at the bottom of a cast iron skillet. Pans of recent vintage have thicker walls than do antique pans. The Griswold slant logo is easily with the word Griswold which is in italics. Griswold is the great-granddaddy of cast iron cookware.

It just might be a valuable antique. Smooth bottom skillet are not as desirable to collectors as skillets with heats rings so you can expect to pay less for a Griswold without a heat ring. Do you want to know more about the history of the Griswold Manufacturing Company.

Dating Wagner Cast Iron

Griswold cast iron skillet. Identify date your skillet using logos

There are also very knowledgeable and passionate long-time collectors out there who have a vast amount of information about vintage and antique cast iron cookware. There are many resources to help you identify and date a piece when you know the manufacturer. Check out our other article to learn about the history of Griswold Manufacturing.

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