Dating franciscan apple dishes, how to identify franciscan china

Springsong by Franciscan is from the Family China line. Sycamore My mother would have loved this Franciscan Sycamore pattern. It offers sprays of turquoise and green flowers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Franciscan Ceramics

Those were just two glazes of thousands he produced. Clare did you find a buyer yet for your Desert Rose? Mine are mostly made in England as well Ann. It also has stars which Heavenly Days does not.

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Franciscan's Gingersnap has a cream background with an orange scroll border and a circle of organge vines in the center. Golden Weave The Franciscan Golden Weave earthenware pattern has a cream background with a embossed cream border of criss-crossing lines and a mint green trim and inner circle. Tara Franciscan Tara is from the Cosmopolitan line. These are probably the heaviest plates I have ever come across.

Franciscan Ware
  • It has a white backgroun with a rim of black and platinum.
  • Jamoca Franciscan's Jamoca has a dark brown background with a center of golden yellow flowers.
  • The dinnerware is done in a square shape, somewhat unusual for Franciscan.

But if money is no object to you, dating ubc then I recommend the original California-made dishes. In my opinion the original California made and decorated dishes are the best. Laboratory testing on the three competitive dinnerware lines revealed all three crazed in an autoclave test.

What a beautiful idea to share your family treasure w your family. It has a cream background with strawberry and with pink flowers. Springsong Springsong by Franciscan is from the Family China line.

Hard to read the bottom of some of the saucers, etc. Franciscan Fan Tan is another of its Whitestone patterns. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It is a cream-colored china with reddish-orange trim and gold accents.

Franciscan Apple Dinnerware

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Dating franciscan apple dishes Premier Financial Search Accounting Jobs
  1. It has a white background with sprays of autumn colored leaves.
  2. The California ones are the prettiest and the original ones.
  3. The border has a wide band of light brown with a narrower darker brown inner rim.
  4. Bountiful Franciscan Bountiful is probably one of the last hand-painted patterns produced in California.
  5. Papaya Franciscan's Papaya earthenware has an off-white-speckled background with white and orange flowers and green leaves.
  6. Tahiti The Franciscan Tahiti pattern is one of the Discovery patterns.

It features delicate pink flowers with grey and black leaves. However, Shenango manufactured Franciscan's Gourmet line of stoneware dinnerware and cookware. Franciscan's Twilight Rose was its final variation of the Desert Rose pattern. It caqme with two different colored backgrounds, coral and celadon. But I am not an expert on that.

Franciscan Platinum Band is an old Gladden-McBean pattern dating back to or depending on your source. El Patio is the oldest pattern produced by Franciscan. Reflections Jade Franciscan Potteries made the Reflections pattern in several different solid colors. Franciscan's Trio pattern features a cream background with three different colored plants.

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Franciscan's Desert Rose is not the oldest but probably the most recognizable Franciscan pattern followed closely by Apple and Ivy. She painted Desert Rose, Apple, Ivy and many other patterns. Franciscan's Apple pattern is one of the most popular patterns. These are still nice dishes.

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Half of the antique mall set was American and half English, but at those prices that is okay! Willow Bouquet Franciscan Willow Bouquet is a Masterpiece China pattern that was produced in and discontinued the same year. Poppy Greenhouse Series Franciscan had two patterns named Poppy. It is a white china with gold trim and a floral spray of pink, blue and purple flowers.

Franciscan Ceramics

This pattern looks more grey than blue. All my pieces have been lovingly used. This pattern is gaining in popularity and is nearly as popular as its contemporary, the Starburst pattern. However, revenue was up in all other divisions.

Did this come with a spoon? Gingersnap Franciscan's Gingersnap has a cream background with an orange scroll border and a circle of organge vines in the center. The majority of our pieces are made in England though. It certainly is one of the most expensive one. That sounds amazing Penny!

Franciscan Dinnerware
Franciscan Apple Dinnerware

The company produced casual dinnerware in the style of Mexican folk pottery. However, the Company continued until to manufacture fine china blanks for the Max Shoenfeld Company and earthenware lamp bases for outside companies to assemble and sell under their trade names. My mother in law gave me hers.

Garden Party Franciscan's Garden Party has a pale yellow background with darker yellow and pink flowers all over. Even those pieces made in California have slight variations due to mold changes, or, for those which are hand-painted, the skill of the painter. Franciscan's Toffee earthenware has a cream background with a brown outer rim and an orange and gold inner rim. Reflections Silver Grey Franciscan Potteries made the Reflections pattern in several different solid colors. Floral Franciscan's Floral pattern was one of the more popular s patterns and one of the most colorful.

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Dear Anita, Thank you for all your information. Oasis has a white background with blue and gray squares and a pattern of vertical and horizontal lines going across. It is one of their hand-painted earthenware patterns and has a cream background, hitwise lifestyle dating industry green trim and various fruits. It consists of a series of large and small yellow and pink flowers around the rim. The background is green with concentric black and brown circles and a sylistic pattern in the center.

Any ideas if the best place to sell pieces? Franciscan began producing Spring Time in in Japan. There is one question I have right now and hope you might know how I can learn more about the firing process of this collection.

Franciscan Apple Dinnerware

How to Identify Franciscan China

California and English pieces. Winsome is one of Franciscan's Family China patterns. Hi, can you provide information on the Desert Rose items that were manufactured in Portugal. It has a white background with fruit along the rim.

But washing by hand is a drag. Shenango was the owner and maker of Castleton China and was a large supplier of restaurant china. Franciscan Woodside has a cream background with gold trim and a pattern of pink flowered branches with green leaves.

Sundance Sundance by Franciscan came out in as did its sister pattern, Moon Dance. In fact, the trend is moving toward everything being made in China, so if you want beautiful well-made handcrafted items, second-hand is becoming the only way to buy them. Hacienda Green Franciscan made two colors in the Hacienda pattern, green and gold. This new Franciscan line was named Contours by George T.

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