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Rachel comes to tend to Finn while he is sick. While sitting next to each other, Brittany positions herself towards Santana rather than the class to indicate her wanting to be as close to her as possible. Quinn-Rachel Relationship.

She tells him she's decided that she's not going to choose between her career and love because they are combined - Broadway. Brittany says she loves her sweet lady kisses and Santana says it's a nice break from all the scissoring having sex. Rachel walks in with no knowledge of their conversation.

They look very in love while in the glee club. In the auditorium that dance and sing with the others to Don't Stop. Their wedding is canceled when they receive the news about Quinn getting in a car accident while on her way to the wedding. Artie-Mercedes Relationship.

Is Emma Watson Dating a Glee Actor

It also shows the first time Finn and Rachel sung this song in Pilot. When the musical is done, Rachel is the only one not standing for the ovation, and leaves to call Brody. Rachel has a thoughtful look on her face. She tells them that they are wrong and that they should not joke about domestic violence.

Dave-Santana Relationship. When Quinn starts talking to them about graduation Santana and Brittany glance at each other. As Finn and Rachel walk together, Finn is slightly confused as to why Rachel is acting the way she is and why she cares about winning. During the meeting, Rachel prompts the girls to get their boyfriends to confront Dave so he will stop bullying Kurt.

They are first seen sitting together in the auditorium watching the duet between Kurt and Mercedes. The playlist also shows a picture of the cuddled up wrapped around in a love heart shape. Finn tells her he needs help given how much he has on his plate and talks trash that the guys are going to win. The Washington Post Company.

Later, Finn films Rachel singing So Emotional. They talk and watch soap opera together. Home They link pinkies and walk out together after Glee practice.

Cory Monteith

Emma Watson is dating Glee star Chord Overstreet

Cory Monteith

Pilot Rachel begins to take a more active approach at trying to win over Finn. Quinn and Finn begin fooling around with each other behind Sam's back and Santananoticing that something is up between them, intentionally gives Finn mono, dating code which he gives to Quinn. Kurt then gives Santana Finn's letterman jacket. Quinn then bursts into tears and Santana and Brittany immediately feel guilty for giving Quinn a hard time because they didn't realize how much the breakup had affected Quinn.

They are together in the choir room with the others during Mercedes performance of Hell to the No. When Finn was at home, isochron dating creationism Rachel came in and started talking to him. Finn says that he had never seen Rachel like this and looks proud of her.

  1. Because its made me do a lot of thinking.
  2. They are both in the auditorium with the others during the performance of Afternoon Delight.
  3. He says that when she sings, he can feel it.
  4. She tells him it reminds her of why she loved him and then kisses him, realizing her mistake and running off afterwards.

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When did Kurt and Blaine start dating in Glee

Makeover Rachel wakes up in the morning to find Kurt. Brody questions her and asks if that's her boyfriend, to which she nods and says that Finn means everything to her. Brittany asks her if she is nervous about singing. She decides to use this as her songwriting inspiration.

They are together with the others in the choir room when Mr. Later, Rachel throws a party, and she gets drunk, putting herself all over Finn. During the song, Santana stares upon Brittany in which she delivers a smile and is welcomed back returning the favor back. So she is going to trust this person who she has built her life around and is going to let the landslide take her down and trust the other person to do the same.

They are together in the choir room with the others when Mr. When she does call, Cassandra answers where she gets even more emotional. Rachel confides in Kurt, telling him she wants to go to college in New York but doesn't know if she can leave Finn. Still I have to accept that I love you. Sam confides in Quinn that he loves astronomy and that outer space makes his problems seem small.

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Cory Monteith

When Quinn pays for a kiss at Finn's kissing booth, Sam is there to watch, making sure nothing happens. Brittany refuses to leave, and she says being left behind sucks. Sam-Mercedes Relationship.

They also tell the Glee Club about their engagement. Brody then looks at the name and says that Rachel still loves Finn and that he should give her space. She decides to use this as her song writing inspiration. In the end, though, they makeup and cuddle, tell her parents they are getting married after Nationals, and head to Sugar's Valentine Party. All I know about you and I, is because of that, I think anything is possible.


  • They umm lost their virginity to each other and it was just a very sweet and well made episode.
  • Santana asks if Brittany understands what she's saying.
  • How could you possibly be so calm?
  • He's shown to be holding and comforting her as she cries at the end of the episode.
  • Schue announces the boys vs.
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Rachel points out that it was Finn who inspired her to be a better person. Even though Artie is confessing his insecurities, Brittany only mildly jumps in to make him feel better, but when he attacks Santana, Brittany quickly jumps in and defends her forcefully. Santana is left standing in the hall looking upset. When Artie starts questioning Rachel about what is happening, she faints by the pressure. Rachel wakes up in the morning to find Kurt.

Hell-O They are seen walking and linking pinkies several times throughout the episode. Kurt convinces her to join the band after all, saying that Finn wouldn't want her to shoot down an opportunity like this. Hi i'm depressed, there hours later, tina, everyone always knew there hours later when burt and customer of the kiss. Finn feels disappointed that Rachel had to compromise on her husband as he feels she's giving off a weird vibe. We don't just say this is done and we're never going to go back to it, so that resonates throughout the year.

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Sam dumps Quinn and begins dating Santana, leaving Quinn heartbroken. They started dating in the episode Comeback after Sam broke up with Quinn. Mercedes encourages Rachel to go out and start dating again, though she doesn't have to fall in love. Having found out the truth about Sam, they visit him and his siblings and apologize in the name of the whole Glee Club, giving him back his guitar, which he had to sell. Finn returns to Glee to help out at Sectionals and tells Rachel that it's time for her to take the spotlight and perform.

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She tells him not to give up on his dreams. Especially because I know how bad it hurt. They shared their first kiss.

Brittany says that Santana is very busy with Cheerleading, and that it's hard to make out on Skype or scissor over a webcam. Rachel says she feels betrayed because Finn hadn't told her until then and because she doubts herself now. They return to the hotel and have sex. Patti tells Rachel that Finn is very cute.

Finn-Rachel Relationship

He stays with her at the doctor for support, even though. They are seen walking together when Becky approaches them to tell Santana that Sue wants to see her in her office. During Shake it Out Brittany can be seen staring at Santana as she is singing. Alma begins to become emotional, as Santana sings to her. However, Santana also learns that Rachel's boyfriend, Brody Weston, is a gigolo.

Is Emma Watson Dating a Glee Actor
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